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Laser Engraving

laser_engravingOur Laser system will mark virtually any non-transparent material such as aluminium, silicon, stainless steel, titanium, carbide and some plastics. We can even engrave on to surfaces located behind glass.

Multiple Applications

The range of applications that we have already handled is extensive and cover cam plates, gauges, surgical instruments, hardened tools, pens and anodised torches to name a few.

A major feature of the laser system is the lack of operational restrictions that affect all other forms of marking.

Engrave onto Many Surfaces

This means we can engrave on to curved surfaces, we are able to vary the depth of the engraving and we can engrave on to extremely fragile items as no force is exerted by the laser beam.

In addition, we can engrave numbers, lettering, straight line or in a circle. And our engraving is permanent so it won't disappear after constant wiping as can happen with screen printing.