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laser_graphicsLaser Engraving

Our Laser system will mark virtually any non-transparent material such as aluminium, silicon, stainless steel, titanium, carbide and some plastics. We can even engrave on to surfaces located behind glass.

The range of applications that we have already handled is extensive and cover cam plates, gauges, surgical instruments, hardened tools, pens and anodised torches to name a few.


glasswareLaboratory Glass

At HGL Hampshire Glassware, we know that it takes an exceptional skill and years of training to work glass to this accuracy. That's why all our glassblowers are trained in-house for at least 7 years with a further 5 years practical experience. Only then are they sufficiently skilled to tackle the most complex of jobs as a senior glassblower.

This single minded excellence over the last 30 years has helped us to become one of the largest, most experienced and highly skilled specialist scientific glass blowing operations in the UK.


If you are involved with the analysis of pesticides or chemical residues from soil core samples you could well be wasting time and money on outdated methods of soil collection. Because until now there has never been a really efficient way of obtaining uncontaminated soil samples at various depths.

Coremaster, the revolutionary new system of soil core sampling can save you time and money by providing perfect uncontaminated samples under any enviromental conditions.